A lot of work to do…

Actually we started recording the new Groove Elation album with 10 new songs, written by Andreas Daniel Rodeck, Martin Krahe, Knut Reiter and me. I’m involved as a composer, the drummer and the engineer, too. Release will be in summer.

Next Wednesday (February 24) I take a flight to Basel (CH), for playing a Francelet-Moser gig at the Guitar Festival Switzerland in Biel/Bienne.

On February 27 & 28 there will be two Pillow Talk concerts at the big opening party of the new gym “HasselsFit” in Düsseldorf. On both days we play from 4pm to 7pm.
On Sunday I will have a second gig, too. You can see me with “Wrecia Ford and Band” at the “Willicher Blues Night” festival.

One week after my last trip to Switzerland I will be back for five more days. We play another Francelet-Moser concert at the “BarKing” Neuchatel and rehearse with Volver for our album recordings at the end of March.

Last but not least I’m very happy, that my favorite live music club in my home town will be open again. On March 18 I play the first gig of a monthly event which is called “Marcito’s Groove Jam”. Every month I invite some of the best musicians of the area to play some funky music with me. I hope to see you there!


Francelet-Moser Asia Tour 2016

Everybody who has followed our Asia tour on Twitter or Facebook knows, that it was a great success! We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every single moment. Here’s a little slideshow with some nice photos of our tour. We will be back!