Recording time…

The next days I will do some interesting recordings in the studio. 

Like I told you before, we are recording some tracks for our first single of ¡trio acústico! with Susana “La Sonera” on vocals, Andreas Daniel Rodeck on guitar and me on Pandeiro and Bongo. The tunes will be authentic without any additional instruments or overdubs. I love real live recordings like that!

Markus Moser and Frédéric Letté asked me to play on two more tracks of their “The Loop Project” album. I already recorded some ritual percussions on one song and now I will play the drums on two other tunes. I’m really happy to be part of this! 

There’s a third cd recording coming soon, but I’m not able to talk about it now. The only thing I can say is, it will be a Blues album! So stay tuned for more information! 


¡trio acústico!

I’m very happy about my new project, wich is called ¡trio acústico! 
Susana “La Sonera” on Vocals
Andreas Daniel Rodeck on Guitar
and myself on Pandeiro, Bongo and Percussion

We play acoustic interpretations of the popular dance music of Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. In this cast we can play on a big stage or a real unplugged gig in a small café, also as a walking act.

At the moment we are preparing some studio recordings for a little online released single on Freehead Records. The first concerts will follow soon!